These products are handmade and will vary from cup to cup. Delivery time is 15-25 business days, but can be more during peak times. While I strive for perfection, there are times when flakes of glitter, sit bubbles, dust or other items may be seen. If they greatly affect the design of the cup,I will remake the cup. This could add extra time onto a delivery. Shipping and tax are not included in the price (shipping is $10 per cup). All personalized or custom cups will require full payment before production will begin.

Custom Tumblers

Price of these include 1 color (glitter, solid color, shimmer or 3 ink swirl) and 1 decal. Other colors or add-ons will be extra. These are all double wall insulated metal tumblers. I use HOGG brand, but can use RTIC 20 and 30 ounce for $10 more.


  1. Additional Color Glitter $3 each color
  2. Additional Solid Color $3 each color
  3. Additional Shimmer Colors $3 each color
  4. Additional Ink Colors $3 each color
  5. Additional Decals $5 each decal
  6. Intricate Design $5 and up
  7. Fabric half $7/whole $10
  8. Color Changing UV Glitter half $5/whole $7
  9. Thermo Color half $7/whole $10
  10. Glow in the Dark half $7/whole $10
  11. Bulk Discount  10 or more cups 10% discount (Coupon Code BULK)
  12. Bring your own cup $5 discount ( If I use your cup, I can NOT guarantee the cup. This is due to I have no idea how you handles or used the cup prior to it being given/sent to me) (Coupon Code OC)

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12 oz Stemless Wine $25

16 oz Pint $28

14 oz Coffee Mug $30

20 oz Skinny $35

24 oz Tumbler $40

30 oz Skinny $45

12 oz Can Cooler (Ozark Trail) $20

12 oz Tumbler $25

14 oz Trainer Sippy $25

12 oz Soda Can $35

20 oz Modern Curve $35

24 oz Modern Curve $40

30 oz Modern Curve $45

12 oz Coffee Cup (Ozark Trail) $20.00

Ready Made Tumblers

These tumblers are sold as shown unless it says you can customize.

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